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Splicing Fan Wires

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I want to add a couple more fans to my system (2 92mm on the side, one with a duct to the CPU HS). However, I am running out of connectors on the motherboard (will begin to buy 3 to 4 pin converters). 2 of the 4 MB fan connections support Fan RPM monitoring.


Can I splice the monitoring wires of 2 fans together?


How about splicing the two power wires of two fans together?


Or should I just buy splitters?


(Reason for more fans is can't get computer stable over ~1600; CPU temp running 45-49)

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I personally would just buy splitters. If you really need rpm montoring you could use splitters on the mobo, but i don't know how much power you'd be sucking up. I'd just buy the connectors for a ps. buy a y splitter cable to split the power and then add the fan splitter cables. That way you can add two fans to each connection withouht losing a place to plug in a device.

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