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Mandriva & Raid0 - Expert help required!

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Hi folks,

I'm an experienced user with a decent setup dualbooting XP home & pro.

I have my RAID 0 created as multiple partitions with home & pro installed on 2 of them. i am trying to install Mandriva Linux on another partion but am having some issues. Spefically:


Setup begins by booting from floppy and gets going great.

Go to install, choose nationality and accept EULA.

Details on screen advise that it is trying to install the drivers for my hard disks.

- - - - - - - - - - Machine freezes - - - - - - - -


Thats it!!! Now obviously having two more than decent RAID configs in my machine I know that when installing windows you need to press F6 and supply the RAID drivers otherwise windows will not recognise the drives. Im thinking same situation here but don't know how to install the drivers before hand...


Im an advanced windows user with technical & programming experience but I've just never used linux before and am hoping someone out there can help!


Please!?!?!? Ideas?!

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I haven't run Mandriva Linux, I always used Slackware... but you should be able to download a boot floppy that has more than the basic hardware support compiled in the kernel (more "drivers" so to say).


If that doesn't work, maybe you have to press SHIFT at boot, enter some parameter for lilo. (Or grub)


Don't know how much hardware Mandriva supports, but I think there are plenty of distrubutions that don't cover more then just the essential basic hardware.


I just spent a good half hour searching for this, and I didn't come to an easy conclusion.


My best guess is, that is you want to keep you raid array intact (in the manner you are using it in Windows right now), try another distrubition that you can verify supports nF4 and NVraid. Of course it might be possible to unplug your drives, disable raid in bios, install linux on spare pata or regular sata drive, compile support for nF4 and the SI3114 (raid controller) and then install Mandriva on your array and make it boot with your newly compiled kernel. (this isn't as hard as it may sound)


Here are some links with the best information I was able to find (not much).











Shouldn't be hard for a programmer like you to fiddle around with Linux and do some compiling :P This will be a good intoduction to the Linux world for you. I used Slackware back in the days of Windows NT, and learned it "the hard way". But it's been years since I last used it, so the little I know about it is a bit rusty hehe.

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