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Hi everyone.

I just transfered everything from my old case into a Therm-XaserIII and want to build my old case into a system for "the" wife.

I want to buy a K7- 810DLM2K Motherboard with everything on board except the ram, and use my exsisting PC2100 ddr on it. This will give me everything I need for her.

Now- My main system is a AMD XP1800 on a MSI k7t266 Pro Mother Board. (to be updated sometime to A7N8X Deluxe with a XP2500)

Can I use PC3200 on what I have now??

If this is possible I will be able to buy ram 1 time?

I hope this makes sence to everyone.

Thanks Jim

P.S. You know if I can swing this I will have 2 machines (at home) FOLDING

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jeez I can't believe we're debating this. pc3200 is it's max speed. 2100 is what it will run at on that board (chipset limitations). so yes it will work even though the manual says 2100. I have done this before and it works just fine.

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