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Problems with sata or with video?

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Well I will start giving thanks to everybody in this forum because I learned too many things of Dfi Mobos.

But I have a serious problem and I want to be as clear as possible, because my english is not perfect. (SORRY)


Well I followed the post of install routine with zero problems, but I carry a long time problem. When I am using the computer freezes in a ramdom amount of time, I have checked if everything was ok in the computer, but reading in some web pages I found that my problem is with an IRQ problem, because the onboard sata and the AGP port share the same IRQ (11 in my case), and I like to know if I can do something to fix this problem, or to avoid it.


The symptoms are: Sometimes the computer freezes, sometimes in the screen appears artifacts and when I am listening to music the computer freezes too. The rarely thing is that the hdd led is on when the computer freezes. And that´s why it think the problems is the AGP causing troubles with the sata controller.


The drivers I am using at the moment are:


nForce 5.10 for the System

84.21 Forceware for Video


I would thank to everybody who can help me, and if not i will give thanks too.


Greetings From Argentina


Debian (Julian is my name)

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Guest Darien

That is not your problem...


I remember trying to "fix" that because I kept getting SATA corruption... but that's just the way the DFI was made and it can easily handle both the AGP and the SATA on IRQ 11...


I eventually solved my problem by switching to a new BIOS... Hellfire rev 3 in my case...


I don't know if that will help you, as your problem is different than mine


You haven't said if your system is overclocked at all, or if your Graphics card is overclocked... if it is then obviously run them at stock settings and see that that fixes it....


The only other thing I see that that your system RAM is WAY TOO LOW... you're only using 1 256MB stick? you need more RAM.... actually.. it may be that your 1 stick of RAM has gone bad... all the problems you're having could defineately be caused by your RAM blowing out on you.


that's all that comes to mind of hand.... good luck

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Have you tried a different SATA cable?


How long has your computer been up and running? Has it always had this problem or is it something new?


Are you running Windows? (with a name like Debian I have to ask)


What are your memory timings and voltage?


Are you overclocking?


Have you run memtest86 or Prime 95 torture test?

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Thank you both for helping me in this problem.

First of all I´m not overclocking the system it´s all default, the timings of the memory are

3 3 3 7 @ 166. All is default and the configurations in Bios are in optimal to test is everything is alright, to not forcing the system.

The problem is new, or new in about 3 months, the system in a ramdomly amount of time hangs up in windows XP SP2 with (usb) mouse stopping and getting a blank screen, and then I have no remedy to reboot the system.


I have probed memtest86 all day and nothing zero errors on the mem.


The problems appears in linux too know because I always use debian as a server in text mode, now when I install Kde and Gnome and login into them the systems hangs up too, and I´m suspecting that the Video Card could be failing or something.


I´ll check with a new video card and try with a different stick of memory.


Thank you all for understand my English and for your help.



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I'd probably suggest changing your mem timings to 2.5-3-3-11. These boards are known for not liking CAS 3. It might help or it might not..... but I'd at least give it a try.


Also.... have you tried booting into linux with the 'noapic' and 'nolapic' boot parameters?


Maybe you could try booting from KNOPPIX or some other live linux CD to see if it makes any difference.

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