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Soyo Dragon 2 Plus Problem


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Well, I just got this board along with a twin pack of corsair XMS LL 3700 (466 rated) ram and a 2.8 800 p4 and TT spark7 cooler.


So, I should be able to overclock it a little with this setup, as the memory comes with heat spreaders and I have a pretty decent cpu cooler.


The problem: When I DO overclock, the bios posts and everything appears to be normal, however my SATA drive is not recognized. Very odd. As soon as I change the FSB more than 10mhz (40mhz effective), the drive does not respond. My ATA drives still work though.


Anyone have any idea what the deal is with this? Does it have something to do with the PCI bus? Should I RMA this board and go with a different brand? I have noticed that SOYO is not very good with keeping bios up to date for this board. Latest revision was back in July of this year.

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