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4 LEDs of Death - RMA Time?

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ok guys here's the update:


i wasnt convinced it was the bios, and i didnt want get a new bios and have it not work so i cross shipped the board. as to whether it was any given component causing it not to post before, i tired swapping PSU, CPU, GPU, DIMMs, and doing all of the above outside of the case on an antistatic surface.


i reaseated the cpu a few times, tried pc2100, tried every 4led fix trick i could find online, no luck.


so i got the new mb, and my headache continues :(


i never /really/ overclocked/. i have a mobile barton, so i guess the stock setting is 133 X 14. i ran at 133 X 16 for 2.133ghz at stock voltage.


on this new mb, i cant even do that. it crashes (by crashes i mean shuts off) after a few minutes of running prime95. i got new memory which should run fine at 200fsb, but 200x10 is out fo the question.


the memory is ddr550. i can run prime95 a few minutes longer at 250x8, but i cant go to x8.5.


it seems im limited by my fsb. i cant raise it past 1.6 or the mb shuts off, despite the temp not even being at 51C.


200x10 is the default speed for a barton 3000+, and i think i should be able to run at that speed. i'd consider that stock, i guess.


what do you guys think the stick speed for my chips should be? what would you do about this board.

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