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Modding Heatsinkand Geometry Looking For A Genius

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now this is a question for a mathwhiz! I don't know quite where to post it.

the following I want to create a duct from my cpu heatsink

to my 120mm exaustfan only one problem to get the full cooling effect I need to create a cone that will fully cover my 120 mm diameter panflo fan and it needs to narrow to 40mm about 9.6 cm away from the fan. now I've been trying to do this with paper all morning but I can get the shape right. the cone won't be flat like I need it on the panflo side or the otherside either I'm not to worried about he other side since I'm going to solder a a self soldered pipe onto this side. But I need some help in doing this it must have to do with some kind of arch angle inorder to create the flat circle at the end but how would I calcul;ate this anybody here take upper level geometry my high school geometry is just not hacking it here.

This is sort of a technical support question, moderators move it if you will but please someone if ytou know the answer to my problem tell me!






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