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Oc'ing My Athlon 3000+ 400bus

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hi, im kinda new with overclocking but have excellent skill in electronics and computers field. a smart person allways asks questions.anyway im trying to overclock my 3000+ barton that came w/400bus stock. im just tryin to get 2.4ghz out of it. right now i have the fsb set at 210 x11=2315.25 ghz . the voltages are set at 1.80 vcore and 2.80 dimm. problem is when i have it at 210x11.5=2415ghz,

it crashes half way through 3dmark2001 and reboots.. now should i try raising the cpu .05 more v to 2.85 or should i try raising the chipset voltage .05 volts?the problem with the chip set is that i dont already know what voltage its runnin at.

another concern is the temps. at the 210x11 oc my cpu temps run at 51 idle 55 load through winbond hw monitor. how high of load temps can i be safe with here.

thx in advance for any input.


my system


DFI Lanparty nf2 ultra

thermaltake 480w silent purepower psu xaser w/pfc

2x512 sticks of corsair twin x LLPT platinum mem 2-2-3-5 2.80v

thermaltake volcano 11+ xaser w/arctic silver 3

Athlon 3000+ 400bus 2.116 @2.315ghz 210x11 @55-56c load 1.80v

Visiontek geforce4 ti4600 w/tt coolmod @310core 690mem

sb audigy sound w/5.1

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:ph34r: Whoa, I am not sure what the stock voltages are for the 3000+, but those are quite high for just about a 100Mhz OC. I have mine set to 1.85 vcore with over a 600Mhz OC. Try messin with the multipliers before you try the FSB. Also, go slowly, just a few Mhz at a time. It works. Another thing is to lock your AGP bus at 66Mhz. If tha tis not it, that might be the problem, it was mine for a long time until someone told me to set it to 66. And yes, your temps are really high. You should be getting less than 50C load. That is from your high voltages. You might try investing in beter cooling, ask the cooling forum for a good fan and heatsink. Edited by GmAz

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