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Games freezup - RAM prob?

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Well in addition to game problems, I guess I should go over some of the general probs ive been having.


After finaly getting windows installed (flashed BIOS before install), I have notice durring windows startup (loading windows logo...). It slowly appears and sometimes (well rarely) takes 20-30 sec to finish loading, normal load times is 3-5 sec. Anyways the bios settings durring windows format/install wernt set very well I think ? ... only set DRAM freq:200=1:1, mal and rpt 7ns/5ns...cup vid @ 1.4v . Should I have set other timings? like cas, tras, trp, trc....


I would complain about cold boot freezups/errors but its seems pretty common with most peeps, it either freezes up or I get Disk Error messages (once got a "file not found") but simply rebooting fixes this.


Current Genie settings...(DRAM based on someones settings on DFI-NF4 board with exact ram)


FSB Bus Frequency:200

LDT/FSB Frequency Ratio:5x

CPU/FSB Frequency Ratio:14x

RD580 HT PLL Speed:Auto

HT Bus NMOS Drive Strength:5

HT Bus PMOS Drive Strength:5

HT Bus Receiver Impendence:5

CPU HT Bus Drive Strength:Normal

K8 Cool & Quiet Support: Disabled


CPU VID Control:1.400v

CPU VID Special Control:Auto

DRAM Voltage Control:2.70v

SB PCIE Voltage:1.80v

NB Analogue Voltage:1.21v

LDT Bus Voltage:1.21v

NB Core Voltage:1.21v


DRAM Frequency Set:200=1:1


CAS (tCL):2











Bank Interleaved:Enabled

Errata 94: Disabled

Errata 123: AUTO

Odd Divisor Correct: Disabled


DQS Skew Control:Auto

DQS Skew Value:0

DRAM Drive Strength:Auto

DRAM Data Drive Strength:Auto

DIMM 1/2 Clock Timing Skew:Auto

DIMM 3/4 Clock Timing Skew:Auto

Max Async Latency:7ns

Read Preamble Time:5ns

IdleCycle Limit:256

Dynamic Counter: Disabled

R/W Queue Bypass:

Bypass Max:16x

Burst Length:4


My CPU temp avg is 25-38c and CHIPSET avg 44-51c


Ran memtest86 with very similar setting as these^...

****diff settings were:








IdleCycle Limit:16

Dynamic Counter: Enables


it ran for 13hr8min (22passes 0errors) then just froze....


With both of these setting I freez up after only 45-60+ minutes. Only playing BF2 and COD2 so far (BF2 mostly). When it happens game skips for scouple secs then freezes up and the sound squeels with bf2, then I get kicked from the server. With cod2 does the same thing, freezes and sound skips and after 10-20 sec games back to normal...Other than that games run pretty smooth with settings maxed @ 1280x1024 (only have 19inch LCD atm)


Also my 3DMark05 scores are alittle lower with this mobo (old mobo=Asus A8r32-MVP)

with stock cpu/gpu and mem @ 2-3-3-6:

MVP= 13800

DFI = 13600


whew* anyways, nehelp is appreciated



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I think you will find that it is a problem with the MB Bios and SATA Controller, read the m5288 thread. My computer is consistantly freezing every two hours.


Look at the Computer Management Console -> System Tools -> Event Viewer -> System, you will probably see some errors there.


We are waiting on a fix.

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Ahh you are correct! guess I should have done alittle more research before posting. Funny thing is, for the first time (outside a game) I noticed it froze up a few seconds when I was typing the 1st post. Sure enough event log shows 1 m5288 error and 2 disk warnings @ 10:36PM (5/20/06). Every 2 hrs same errors...couple random DCOM errors in there too...


Guess ill read up on the m5288 thread....



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I occasionally get other errors as well like winlogon crashing while 3d pipes screensaver was running, but it was ultimately caused by the m5288 errors, then winlogon timing out.


I wouldn't use any 3D screensavers for the time being just in case....

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