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What sound card gameports work with NF4 SLI-DR?

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I need to find a sound card with a gameport that works with mu UT NF4 SLI-DR board. I've tried 2 cards that don't work: Creative/Ensoniq AudioPCI & the CMI 8738 PCI. The cards install fine but show a yellow exclamation in Device Manager with a Code 12 error. Looking at the resources for the gameport, there is a conflict with "Motherboard Resources" in the ranges these cards want to use. I have a Thrustmaster F-22 Pro & TQS setup modified with StickWorks digital chips that I want to use - about $300 invested. The StickWorks chips use the gameport I/O to transmit and cannot function on a USB/gameport converter since they don't watch the USB stack.

So, my question is - what soundcard gameports function properly on the UT NF4? Also, what I/O resource range is your gameport using in Device Manager?


Thanks - Chuck

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I am using a Creative Soundblaster Audigy 2ZS, which has a separate MIDI/Game Port connector, and it is working perfectly since the beggining. Funny yours doesn't, something you need to check out to make sure of any sort of incompatibility, just in case there is something wrong with the installation that can be corrected.


I guess all the Audigy 2 and previous Sound Blaster cards should do the job. Radio Shack had a Game Port to USB adapter, but it loose most of the stuff like FF. I think there are Midi/Game Port PCI cards available, but not sure.

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