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CPU fan reporting 0 RPM in BIOS?

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** note - resolved, see post 4 **


I've searched the forums and not found this particular issue for any fan that has it's RPM measured by the chipset. When I go to the PC Health section in the BIOS, 2 of them are working, but the CPU fan indicate 0 RPM even though it is in motion sitting here on the table next to me... Fan issue? Board/sensor issue? I'll try frogging the leads I guess and see if the 0 RPM follows the fan or the board connection.




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D'oh. When I ordered it, I didn't realize there were RPM and non-RPM versions... damn it, lol. Guess I'm in the market for a new CPU fan and can move this one to the case or something. How retarded I must be, lol.


Thanks for the quick answer.



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