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chipset hsf question

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My 3rd rma board has just been replaced and a new one is in the mail back to me. I replaced the psu thinking that might be the problem, but I would also like to replace the factory heat sink. That part of the mobo has been the problem with the previous 3 boards, getting too hot and killing the board according to the rma people.

I am looking for a more aggressive way to cool the chipset by air. I can do some modding but if there is a product out there to buy and just pop in, that would be better. Really do not trust those tape on deals, was looking for something that would use the factory holes to secure it.

Any help would be great, thanks.


DFI NF3 250 754, with new OCZ 520PS

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got any modding skills? Myself I took one of the blue ice Stick on coolers ( cool blue led lites) then i took the old sink and cut the top fins off so to just have the flat mount plate then sanwiched the blue ice to the plate useing counter sink screews and as5 and remounted it . Man works like a charm and only 5 bucks

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