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FS: pc3200 Gigaram (512x2 mb)


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Ok, I dont have much refs, except on xbox-scene and my ebay has only 3 feedback (all positive). My ebay is soad179 and my xbox-scene username is blame canada. Anyways, Im selling 2 sticks of working pc 3200 Gigaram (512mb each). I bought these brand new roughly 2 months ago from newegg, but I recently swithed to some ocz ram. Here is a link to the ram on newegg: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820221005


I have overclocked with these, but never touched the voltage on them. The highest I got them stable was at 235mhz. Of coarse, they run perfect in dual channel. Im asking $65 shipped (via priority mail) for both, or $35 shipped a piece. I need these gone ASAP due to lack of funds in paypal and a killer deal on ebay lol.



Dont worry, I have another stick, just at the time, I only had one out of my pc, and now my cameras card reader crapped out on me.


I accept paypal ONLY, and may consider money orders. MAYBE consider money orders....


Thank You

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