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FS: Wintsch Arctic Spider 437w Nvidia TEC, 24v dc 600w PSU, Pump, Rela

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437w GPU TEC, 600w 24v dc PSU, relay kit with emi filter, danner mag drive 9.5, thermaltake flow meter and reservoir.


I'm selling a new Wintsch Labs Spider 437w TEC. I hand lapped the surface that touches the ram and GPU and the two surfaces that touch the peltier to 2000 grit.


When I bought the TEC, 7800s didn't even exist. I'm not sure if this fits newer cards or not because it was built for the 6800 series. I will include all mounting hardware, neoprene, and manuals for this TEC.


I never installed the TEC in a PC. $170 (retail was $199, and it's in better condition than a new one)


ALSO I am selling a new 600w 24v dc PSU to power the TEC. It can be seen here.


The PSU was used for about two hours one day while frosting up the TEC :)$190


ALSO A new relay kit with emi filtering so you can turn your 110v pump or 110v PSU on and off when the computer does. See it here $30


SOLD A new Danner Mag Drive Supreme 9.5 pump. SOLD


ALSO A new Thermaltake Flow Indicator and Thermaltake Reservoir. 3 different size fittings included with both. $35 for both.


All prices are negotiable and include UPS ground shipping, insurance is an option if you want it.


$420 for the whole lot!!


Here are some pics:spiderlap4jt.th.jpgrelay1qw.th.jpgthermaltakeflow7ru.th.jpgthermaltakereservoir9zc.th.jpgpumpside2nc.th.jpgvscn5gv.th.jpg






Wintsch Spider TEC: $130

VSCN 600w 24v dc PSU: $150

Swiftech Relay Kit v3: $25

Danner Pump: $60 SOLD

Thermaltake Res and Flow indicator: $25


These prices include UPS shipping!!


PM me to ask any questions you may have, or to talk pricing of multiple items and such.




Price drop:

$300 for everything that is left.


$495 value(before shipping) for $300(w/ shipping)...it's all new stuff!

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complete noob question here but what is the TEC

from my google searchs all i can really get is it is some sort of coller.


It is a device that gets VERY cold on one side while getting VERY hot on the other, which is why you need watercooling - to keep the hot side cooler. Of course the cold side touches the core to keep it cold.


You need to prevent moisture from forming in this though, its cold enough that you need to take similar precautions as phase cooling...

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thats some serious cooling with a 450w tec. near phase or better cooling lol


I have a CPU TEC from the same company and it gets -11c idle 20c-25c (depending on whether the AC in the house is on) loaded on my x2 4400 @ 2750mhz w/ 1.58v.

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