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OZC RAM Problem

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I tried using a 24pin 520watt PSU and the same thing happened.


I'm running memtest on one stick of the ram now. I will keep you posted as to what happens. How long should I run it for? A few passes?


I have 2 other sticks of the same RAM which I know work I will test on my computer to see if it works if memtest doesnt find any errors.


Could it be that I need to update my bios? I haven't updated them since I got my board in like July/August.

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If you clear the CMOS everything will reset to the default settings so you can safely insert the kingston memory and see what happens.


Also if you are using 1 stick you must use the top orange slot.


Make sure that all 4 power connectors are plugged into the board

# 24pin ATX connector.

# 4pin +12v P4 connector, near the ATX connector.

# Floppy power connector, under the CPU socket.

# Hard drive power connector, on top the chipset fan.










# Remove all of your hard drives.

# Place the GFX card in the other PCIe slot, make sure it is inserted correctly.


Power the PC and see what happens.




If you have a wincester core CPU you must change CPC to disabled.

And always use the orange slots.

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I have Newcastle core. I am about to clear CMOS.


I looked at the diagnostic LEDs and I saw that 3 were on when my computer made the long beeps. I am hesitant to try the other RAM I have that is exactly the same because it is for another computer I am building for a friend's son's birthday and I dont want to have to RMA it because it won't get back by Saturday.


I will keep you guys updated.

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I was wrong. It works but not without a problem. I have to clear the CMOS in order to turn on my computer. Otherwise it will go into long beeps like it did before. I am thinking that I need to update my BIOS or something of that sort.


Any ideas???


EDIT: Don't answer me here. I decided to make nother thread because this is a separate problem.

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