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I update my forceware driver to 81.93, which before is (comes stock wif my gpu)..

The funny thing is that i suffer u downgrade n sluggish performance in games and 3dmark..

since that, i realized that is no guarantee to get a boost in performance by updating forceware.. instead we better stick to the most stable..

isnt it??

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Well, some of the later Forceware drivers are designed only for the 7 series and some of the 6800 series if I remember correctly, so that could be an issue with a 6200...


But yeah, if you see reduced performance then use whatever is most stable for you, just like with different versions of motherboard BIOS'.

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it's okay to me..

i even experienced the same when flashing an updated bios before..

i rollback to the stock bios...

anyway i'm thinking on upgrading my graphics..

but i'm extremely on tight budget..

have any recommendation onto this??

i dont see many are using 1300 series in forum....

i like to try it but not so sure...

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