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bios deleted?

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My current computer saga:


First - One of my G.Skill sticks failed. While shopping for replacement, I am using old but reliable Corsair PC2700 at stock speeds with prime95 full stability. My system is usually on 24/7 but we were going out of town for a few days so I shut it down. Upon return four days later, attempts at power up resulted in...


AWARD BIOS BOOT BLOCK - FLOPPY DRIVE BOOT FAILURE (or something like that), POST LED three on and beeping like mad.


No amount of rebooting or resetting changed anything. I pulled each mem stick and each drive cable and power connectors (I have 2 sata HD,s and 2 IDE CDROMs) and rebooted over and over to no avail.


Luckly - I still had my AWDFLASH boot disk so I installed a floppy drive and booted to it and it re-flashed 9/22 bios and then booted up.


Any ideas on what caused this and how to prevent it? I could see a bad battery causing my settings to be lost but my saved CMOS data appears to be intact.


I have not yet shut it down to see what happens because I wanted to get this on-line ASAP. I swear this kind of crap drives me crazy!

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