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Windows XP CHKDSK question


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im working on a friend of mines computer, and im trying to run some utilities, and when i go to do a defrag on drive C:, it says that it is unable to defrag because chkdsk is scheduled to run, please run chkdsk /f.



heres the thing, i have already ran chkdsk multiple times, through command prompt, and manual run after restart, and it still is giving me that message, is there any way to get around that, or manually make this drive defrag.


thanks for any help or advice

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Have you checked to see if chkdsk is in the Scheduled Tasks section of the control panel? If its there, try disabling it and running the defrag. Also, are you trying to use the windows defragger? If you are, i would try a 3rd party defragger, i personally use PerfectDisk by Raxco and i think it does an awesome job. Its not free, but if you can find a better free one, then by all means use it.

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It means it wants to run chkdsk at startup, not in windows ^^.





I think it may of been called something else in xp+.

I'm using 2k adv at the moment so...


Back int he day I used to remove it's ability to do so, plus I don't run that crappy defragger anyways.

However, I've found that I can't get access to certain folder and files without it sometimes, after bad shutdowns and such.

Even if they are good, just sometimes it won't let me until it's scanned.


chkdsk in windows is useless, it won't find any probs.

Plus that's not what windows wants, it wants the startup ver.


That statup ver converts older ntfs ver's btw, so I've heard...

So if you say formatted with 2k, or nt4, then install xp or run xp, it'll automatically convert them to that ver :(, which is not cool if you ask me but hey.


When it re-indexes stuff, it can royally screw stuff over so bad...

Same as just scanning for file probs, but much worse.

75% of the time it's bad news probably.

For some reason though, eventually the files it kills, come back to life, the re-indexed ones.


The missing(denide access liek prob) happens on both fat32 and ntfs from what I can tell.

Perhaps even fat16.

Doubtfully hpfs, I dn if it can even scan that.



Oh, I guess this is all I can say...

Even if you have indexing compltely disdabled, I mean completely, it'll still re-index all the fils.

Meaning, say you have a whole ntfs partitoin that does'nt have a single file indexed, well it re-indexes all of them.

That's when you run into major probs.


The same exac tthing will happen if say you move from 2k3 with no indexing to say xp home with a ton of indexing.

Total hd corruption.

Depends on if you remove indexing or not, and if you had a bad shutdown, or the filesystem thinks somehting is a miss, etc.


You just gotta watch yourself...




Using a usb keyboard when that autocheck thign comes up, it won't allways let you bypass it.

Some keyboards are much worse then others, therfor never allowing you to cancle the scan(to backups files in that partiton to some other parition or the like just in case).


Etc etc etc :.



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