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Unable to boot ocz dual ddr

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Hey all,


this is hopefully a simple fix, I'm a newb with the bios settings on this board and I may have just overlooked something...


I was previously using some cheap ram without dual channel, but I wanted to upgrade so I got a dual package (both together) of ocz platinum rev2 pc 3200 512mb DDR. I can get either chip to boot the system fine if i put it in the orange slot #2, but when i put the other chip in orange #4 I get the long (memory) beep when trying to boot. I have nearly all the bios settings at the defaults right now aside from the SLI to get my cards working.


I saw on the board that turning off crc can make it more stable, but this didnt do anything for the problem. Is there something I'm overlooking? Like increasing volts or something?


Help greatly appreciated...



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