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Why so slow?

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This is my first rig ive built so im kinda new to all of this. Its a low budget comp as you can see, but it still should be faster than it is. When I boot up it takes about 70seconds or so to load up windows xp. Ive tried re-installing xp and switching HDs. Nothing seems to work. Ive scanned for viruses and spyware but again came up with nothing. I know this isnt exactly a top of the line comp but it should be able to handle playing an mp3 and browsing websites without freezing.


Thanks for your help.

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CoolerMaster 420watt PSU


this could be part of your problem


Prescott cpu's and the LGA775 platforms take quite a bit of power


I can guarantee you that every LGA775 motherboard is a 24-pin board and needs a good chunk of power (and a quality 24-pin ATX power supply).


as for freezing, you need to go into BIOS and Load Optimized Defaults, then set the bios settings how you like other than cpu/memory settings (as loading Load Optimized Defaults will do that for you).


make sure your memory is in dual channel mode (see manual that came with the board for that)

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i also own the LP UT 865PE-T (Not TAG but still), and a 630... And only 512mb mem atm... and my system doesn't take that long to boot ? (:


Maybe you're just unlucky...


Im not running on a fancy PSU, just a ChillInnovation (Danish Brand) 400w PSU...

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