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CPU boots but won't Prime

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I'm working on getting my Opty 144 to run stable at 2.9 and ultimately 3.0ghz. I can boot into windows at these speeds, using a 2.5 or lower HTT multi and a 3/4 memory divider on my Gskill UCCC. My core voltage is 1.4x113% but the motherboard sensor reads it at 1.552V, my system works fine, it doesn't crash or anything I can even run 3DMark06 on it, however when I try to prime it it immediately fails with a Rounding Error (not equal to 0.5 output was 0.4 or what not). I'm just curious as to what might be some possible sources which would give me this error (I know there are many, but some of the "common" ones and fixed for them might be nice :). I'm thinking it's a settings issue because if my CPU was unstable at these speeds why would it boot to windows and work fine? Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated, I really want to reach 3.0gHz! :) Thanks

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To DFI-Street.


Are you stable at 2.5? How long? If not 8hr then run memtest over night (8hr or 8 passes) and then prime95 blend for 8hr minimum. If stability is an issue it will come out here. Get to a stable point.


Check these links;

Stock Speed Database


Overclocking Database (OCDB)


Use this to record and display your settings to show us.

939 Overclocking Database Template

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