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How Much Hd Space Do You Have?


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if i see treabyte again... i will want to bang my head on this desk.... i have a 14 gb hd in my computer... there are probably 20 gb in the 5 computers in my house... please tell em how big the hds you have are put together and stuff... unless you have a tb... then just... go away... lol

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lets see here...

40gig 7200rpm western digital on my main box

as well a 10gig fujitsu and a 20gig barracuda which

windows only see's as like 8gigs.... dono why...

server HD I guess or somethin??? bios see's

20gigs and linux works well w/ it... took it out of my

ultra10 creator 3d sparc box which had that and a 9gig

drive in it which is still there....

my HP E-Vectra has 8gigs (mini-atx pc)...

laptop only has 6gigs which I wish I could upgrade

but I dont feel like spendin over 100 for a new drive

which isnt worth the money.... maybe Ill find a used laptop or

drive somewhere...

other than that I have a 6gig and 4gig layin around...

o ya a 30gig firewire hard drive my bro gave me but no

firewire card yet....

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lets see ive got a 80 gb on my main pc a 160gb in the pc but not hooked up dont have a reason really a 30 gb on my laptop a 20 gb laying around a 10 gb in my web surfer and a 40 in my other pc so 340 gb total

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