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170 overclock and prime95

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I got an opty 170 running at 2.7ghz and it will pass prime95 small ftt and inplace ftt tests for hours but fails after a minute on the blend test.


What is this telling me? Is this indicateing a memory problem?


Im at 2.6 vcore (MBM5 says 1.55) and memory is on a divider of 180 runing at 2.6 volts (MBM5 says 2.66) any hints as to what might be going on here.... HTT is 300 x 9.

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2.6 vcore? you must mean 1.6....otherwise your 170 would be dead...lol

but yeah,, it "could" be mem.....definately memtest your ram first...

but if you followed the guide, you prolly did this...

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