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Cpu Temps Mega High ....


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but very stable!


Hello people.


I've been over clocking way back since the 486sx25 LMAO!


Anyways found this site and found it usefull and informative :D




System is as follow

EPOX 8k3a+

4scsi Fujitsu 15000 RPM 18GBs

Geforce 4400ti 300/648 (OCed)

AMD 2600+ with a 170 FSB (oced) 2.13ghz

512 Pc2700

3 front fans sucking

1 side fan sucking

2 rear exhaust fans

1 slot fan exhaust

Coolermast HS/FAN for upto 3200+

Dow Corring compound , tiny amount ;)


NOW current CPU temp is 71C (161f) when not on load) and rises up to 79c when on full pelt (3dmark2003/2001)


Now the system is as stable as its ever been. just think that the CPU temp is way to high and shes gonna burn out soon!


the exhaust blow is a light warm not hot and the HS/Fan never seems hot regardless of HS/FAN used or if compound is applied or not.


It seems to me that the contact area is so small on the AMD chip that it does not conduct enough heat through to the HS/FAN.


Any Ideas??



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What are you using to check the temp? If it's MBM, make sure you're getting the CPU diode temp and not hte MB socket temp. Might try flashing BIOS (is there a newer version?). Check the temps in BIOS. Try another program to check temps.


Water cooling? Uhh....


That's all I can suggest...

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A 2600 oc'ed to 2.13 shouldn't get more than 42c with what you have on (HS/fan) something is definitely wrong, either your probes which i think it is cause 71c idle, it should be dead and you're saying it's very stable,no 2600 at 71 idle is going to be stable and not give that much heat,at that temp your HS should be burning your fingers after an hours work, if it's not i'm right ;)

If i'm not, redo the whole process of installing the HS, starting with cleaning it touroughly with methyl hydrate or 90% alcohol then AS3 or ceramique, but i'm pretty shure it's your probes.

Update bios or get a compunurse probe(or something hand held) to get a second opinion of your temps

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cheers, guys.


The heat sink never gets hot and feels generally cool, and I concure that if it was really 71c my skin would melt to the HS !! and the system would be locking up/blue screening.


dodgy probes I would bet, no new BIOS at the moment.


Saying this I just swaped over from a 1900+ and that used to opperate at 56c on idle with the same thing , HS cool to the touch.


Must be probes

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look in bios to see what temps it's showing there. These come from the diode. If close to what your temps reads in your probes then- your temps are too high. Also are you using a TIM like AS3 or Ceramique? Less is more is the theory of proper heat distribution.

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