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Guest YuKoN_merged

7900GT bios experiment (Evga)

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Guest YuKoN

I was messing around the other day, and happened upon a so called bios "update" at the Evga website for my N565. It was misleadingly named 18.06. My current version is 14.04 so I go ahead and give it a try. flashed, and WHAMO! Version 12.07. So I think- "that's odd" and go ahead and setup 3dmark '03 for a test run. '03 has caused so many people trouble that it's the first one to check for problems.


Guess what? PROBLEMS! At stock clocks! I hadn't even turned anything up, major artifacting and flickering like crazy. This one is a definite don't try.


So now I'm flashed back to my original, and all is well. My next experiment will be when they release the sig series bios(or someone shares). I'd like to see if there's any difference there.

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I thaught maybe you flashed and could'nt recover...


I might as well post what to do anyways I guess, I'm sorta bored.


Bad flash, well put in a pci card, along with the bad video card.

Flash the bad one.

Say you have 2 nv's, well put i a really old oen the the newer nvflash can't flash maybe.

Or use the commands that tell it what bios to flash.

It allways prompt's you so you'll know what card is what whe you doit.


nvflash x.rom -4 -5 -6 -j

I think.

Basic flash commands for a single nv card in place.


For those that forcked nvstrap.

Well, stick the card by a big magnet, no joke.

Wave aaround a bit so you know it's screwing over the rom.

Then flash ;).

It'll allow you to bootup.

I think it must be a protection agais'nt badly programmed nvstrap.

So when you mess it up big time by a magnet, it can't hardlock you anymore lol.

I did this 3 times before, works like a charm, before I got it right anyways.

However it takes 2 flashes in a row to recover.

Don't use a floppy, it won't allways boot when such prob arise.

Use a dvd or cd.

I dn why, but it's one of those oddities...




Sorry for highjaking your thread though.

Maybe the info will come in handy some day.

I'ts commen knowledge though except for the nvstrap bad flash stuff.

nvstrap id's, there's 3 of them if I remmeber, if they are'nt modded correctly, inline with each other(one being fake though), then it hardlocks yeah, not booting even wit a 2nd card in place, no matter what ^^.

Why the magnet trick comes in handy lol.

Something you'll probably never do though.

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Guest YuKoN

hehe haven't gone THERE yet- i'm pretty careful when flashing, meaning i always check to be sure bios to be flashed checks out ok before i do it. and only flash at stock clocks.


I don't mind the extra info here- may be useful to the next guy. but mainly I just posted so that others don't get misled like I did lol, and maybe save someone from flashing that piece of garbage that they said was an update. if anyone needs an update, i hope they just ask me and i'll email 'em my bios! I can sure see why so many people had problems with the early cards. if that was an update, then the original bios was probably worse!

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Guest YuKoN

Simple- go to evga and download the bios update. it's a self extractor that will create you a floppy in the drive. you can do it on any machine if you have no floppy. then just copy contents to a folder. there'll be a bios.rom file in there- mine was N565.rom. make or d/l your bios.rom file, name it the same as the original in the folder, and copy/paste the new file into the folder. burn the contents of the folder onto cd or whatever and let your machine boot off of it first and it should work.


The evga flash updates are automatic- meaning that when it boots- it does the flash without any guidance or commands so there's no possible way to muck it up. worked like a charm for me- thankfully I had used Nbitor and made myself a backup to flash back to. saves headaches for sure!

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