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Zalman waterblock

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Does anyone know if zalmans ZM-NWB1 fits my dfi lanparty expert mobo?

The current chipset fan is allready really close to my nvidia 7900gt.


I hope someone knows before i order the waterblock.

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No. There are only a few out there that do.. and I cannot recall their names.


And they are likly very restritive even worse than most chipset waterblocks. They are not really recomended for performance. There are some good aftermarket chipset sinks out there not that it is needed with some air flow over the area you can toun the stock fan off or way down to the point you can not ear it. If you dont have the best case flow you can put a 80 MM fan blowing directly on it without the cpu heatsink fan you really need some extra airfflow in the area anyway. Moving to the mods cooling section might check the stickie in recomendations section for the evercool from SVC


Can click thumbnail:



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Thanks for the replies.

I still want a waterblock on it tho :P


I used to have a passive watercooled system , it was really quiet.

I kinda miss it.


But ofcource this system is much more powerfull then my old a7n8x deluxe mobo and xp2800 cpu with an 9800 pro.



So if anyone does know a flat waterblock that fits , please post. ;)

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