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New system, no POST

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Trying to put a new rig together described in my sig. Got everything together, turn on the PS, get the standby motherboard LED lit, hit the front power switch, the DIMM led lights, fans & drives spin up. No video, no POST, no audible beeps. The power LED (on the case) flashes quickly and continually. Using the DVI-out on the motherboard if that makes any difference. Reseated memory and CPU, no changes. Moved memory around to different slots, no change either. Any help or ideas is appreciated. I've built a few systems but could be having a brain fart.

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Same thing happened to me the other day, it was caused by bad connection between the dimmslot and the dimm due to dust... Tried reinserting the dimms?


EDIT: I saw you had reinserted the DIMMs now, sorry my bad must have been blind :)

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what bios are you using now?




DFI RS482 INfinity

A64 Venice 3000 running @ 2.75ghz

Thermaltake Blue Orb II

2x512 Gskill Gbfx extreme Series

Nvidia 6800 GS

Zalman Vf900 CU led

2 Zalman OP1 ( case fan)

Seagate 200gb Sata

Seagate 200gb Ide

Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-109

Hec Win Power 550w ab PSU

Silver Q-Pack w/ windows



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