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Getting a new PSU - From 450w OCZ Modstream - To what?


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The most logical answer would be a 520w OCZ Powerstream. But now with the new OCZ PSUs out, the GameXStream seems like the most obvious choice. I'm not new to these kind of things, but feedback would be appreciated regardless. I am normally an educated buyer but seeing as how these new PSUs don't have any reviews (that I could find) I really don't know. But then again it's obvious that at $160 these aren't cheap or low performing PSUs. The reason for upgrading is A) I bought an un-recommended PSU to begin with, before I knew about this site and B) I am experiencing odd problems with my 7900GT and games. In F.E.A.R. and 3DMark03 I get to the desktop, and the screen flickers whenever I open a new window or click on anything. I've tried stock speeds on everything, backing off the GPU and video memory overclocks, CPU and RAM overclocks, nothing works. The only reason for this happening is power or a bad card.


Here's a link to the PSU I'm thinking about:


600w GamerXStream

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