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thought maybe some of these would be of interest to some of you!



DFI Lanparty NF2B AthlonXP motherboard @ $99.00


this thing is getting harder and harder to find...I've been offered $150 for my modded/customized w/heatsinks NF2B but I ain't selling lol...they make great rigs for kids, or wives/gf's that want to game...drop a Barton or a mobile cpu in it and a good vid card like 9800 or better...and you got a nice little gaming rig!




D-Link DFE-530TX 10/100 PCI Network Adapter @ $9.99


hey...you never know when you might need one right? For $10, one of these might be a life saver.


And in case some of you didn't know... I still use and prefer PCI network cards over integrated solutions. My main rig Expert is using the onboard Nvidia, but all the other rigs in my lab are using a 10/100 PCI network card...one of them is one of these D-Links, one is a 3Com, two are Intel PRO adapters.








well...I don't know if this is a great price or not since I have not purchased an AGP card in...12,000 years or so lol...but a 6800 AGP is the card I just borrowed from Catkicker to test on the NF3, and it worked like a charm...plus it can be a great addition for any AGP board that needs a vid card update.


Like I said, I don't know if the price is right or not, but I thought I'd toss it up here just in case someone wants to check it out!







Globalwin Aluminum ATX case w/300w PSU @ $24.99



ok, remember this one? They had it on clearance for $14.99 without the psu and I bought one just to check it out...and I told you all it actually weighed less than the packaging it came in? lol


here's the thread so you can see for yourself:




and an image for ya lazy ones:




DFI RS482 Infinity mATX

AMD Sempron 3200+ (socket 939 @ 1800Mhz) without IHS

2x1GB OCZ VALUE (shown with 1GB GEIL ONE BH-5 2-2-5-2)

Leadtek TV2000 XP TV Tuner / FM Tuner

Asus 52x CD-ROM

Maxtor IDE 160GB hdd 8mb cache

OCZ Powerstream 420w psu

Thermalright SLK-947U heatsink + Enermax 92mm adjustable fan

Coolermaster cheapo 4-port fan controller

(I have tested it with a 7800GT and it is a fantastic board/gpu setup for gaming!)




Arctic Cooling NV Silencer 5 Rev. 2 VGA Cooler @ $14.95


applies to:


AGP: Geforce 6800 (GT, Ultra)


Quadro FX3000, FX 4000


PCIe: Geforce 6800 GT, Ultra


Quadro FX 1400, 3400, 3450, 4400, 4500


Rev.2: not compatible to 7800 series




Hitachi 0A30356 80GB SATAII U300 7200rpm 8MB Hard Drive


a dollar or three more expensive than Newegg's price on the same drive...but why buy from two different places if you are already buying mod supplies etc at SVC? I nabbed two of these babies last week myself (testing them in the new CFX3200-DR ATI R580 board).






and as always...don't forget the ever-popular Evercool VC-RE chipset cooler everyone is using these days on their DFI NF4 and ATI boards:








anyway, here's the FULL CLEARANCE PAGES (3) for you to check out ;)


Some prices are great, some are decent, some are not so great...but hey...it is up to you to check them out and decide for yourself!

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