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Right then, just received this card today, installed and all the drivers checked it all out only to find out thats it running @ 600/700 and not the stated 625/750

can any one tell me is this normal? does it only go to 625/750 when playing games or should it be 625/750 all the time? :confused:


also cant install the latest drives, its says driver not found and then aborts!

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yeah its normal. mine was the same, then i got the x1900 and it does something similar. its a clock switch thing, like you say, when you use 3d apps/games.


if you like, download atitool b14 and shutdown clock switch, then OC it back up to its original clocks and run 3d05 and 06, then compare with your current scores. just so you know that there the same.


add: the driver thing - where you downloading from. try driver heaven and try using driver cleaner pro before hand

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