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Few changes, maybe added 70mhz

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Based on the recommendations of forum members (search is good), I plugged in the 4-pin molex connector to my MB. I also lowered the LDT from 1.4v to 1.3v, and the chipset down to 1.5v in hopes of freeing a bit more amperage. Ram is still at stock voltage, but for +0.03v. (same as always) I upped my CPU voltage to 1.514v from 1.475.


I also turned my exhaust fans inward and filtered them, based on a cooling thread I read over the weekend. Now I have a 120mm and 80mm pointing straight at my RAM and CPU, and load temps never go above 39C on stock HSF under load. I'm also idling 2-3C cooler in a warmer room, even with the higher voltages.


I'm not sure what did it, but now I'm 262HTT 1 hour prime stable, with 1:1 RAM. I'll be priming overnight to further test stability, but normally Prime flakes out for me within 5 minutes if anything is unhappy. Before, I could not get 260HTT stable @ 1.534v, so I'm crossing my fingers overnight that the combination of cooling and 4-pin molex help stability :D


For reference, I was at 255HTT @ 1.475v 8+ hours prime stable previously.


Now, I did try going for 265HTT and 270HTT all the way up to 1.575v, but Prime crapped instantly. Oddly, SuperPi ran 16m no problem, and again, temps never went above 40C. So, I have a feeling temps are not a problem, but that my HTT is truly at its limits.


Sorry for the onslaught of info.


If you waded through it successfully, questions, comments, ideas?

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Ergh. I give up. Couldn't get it stable for long at all above 2.57ghz. Must have reset 100 times last night on different settings. I tried adjusting everything, one setting at a time. Nothing gives a hint of stability whatsoever.


At least I dropped my ram timings down to 3-4-3-7 1T at stock voltage. Even with +0.2v, I couldn't get 2.5-3-3-7 1T as a lot of people on the net have reported as doable timings. Couldn't even get into windows if I changed the Cas or tRCD.

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