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FS: P4 3Ghz Northwood, IC7-G, MCX478-v, Venice A64 3400+, PSUs, X2 420


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Hello guys,


-Abit IC7-G. Comes with just board, I/O plate. Manual and drivers can be downloaded from Abit's website. The ethernet port on the board does not seem to work. It never worked since I got it. So I will throw in an ethernet card to go with it.

-OEM P4 3Ghz Northwood, not a 30 caps.

-Swift Tech MCX478-V heatsink with 80mm fan.

Sold as a combo with all 3 items only. $170 shipped.


-X2 4200+ OEM, system pulled so no warranty. This chip will works only in single channel. For some reason the chip won't run in dual channel configuration. The system will beep and won't boot in dual channel. We all know that single and dual channel difference is not that much. So it's cheap to move fast. Chip is about 2 weeks old $225 shipped, price to move on dual core.


-Venice 3400+ OEM Socket 939, system pulled. This chip can overclock to 2600Mhz, with 1.475Vcore, it will got 2700Mhz with 1.55Vcore but I don't like to keep it at 2700Mhz. I don't play games that much any more so I run it at stock most of the time. Chip is about 3 months old. $137 shipped.


-Visiontek ATI 9100 128MB AGP. Used, card only, no cables, disc, nor manual. DVI input but no TVout. $40 shipped.


-OEM ATI 7000 AGP 64MB. Card only, TVout, no DVI. $30 shipped.


-Two brand new Ultra V series 350W Power supplies. Both are brand new, never used, but one was open to be looked at. They were bought for systems build but the dude changed his mind. $45 shipped each.



Please PM with all offers.

I can take only non credit card paypal or postal money order. Please, payment first then shipping. Sales are in the USA only please, sorry no international shipping. I am selling b/c I need money for bills. Shipping are by fedex ground, except the item that is for local pickup only, anything more, the buyers pay the extra cost of shipping.


Please no trade.

FREE bumps are great guys.

Thanks for looking guys.

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