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My CMX1024-PC3200 is a mess

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High guys I got the first issue with my NF3.


Last night as I was doing my usual surfing (no games) my PC came down crashing with BSOD. I thought I had some sort of virus as I was watching a video (non porn) so I tried to reboot. Nothing, BIOS not posting, no peep, no nothing. The only message that I got from BIOS was Award BIOS chum error, or something similar to that.

I thought the Virus wiped my BIOS clean, so I reset the CMos jumpers and booted PC with 6/23 update in floppy disk which I had laying around. After couple of hours of continues fight, finally BIOS posted. I tried to install Windows and windows wouldn't install some of the necessary files, tried different OS (Win2K and my old 98 SE), still the same none of them OS will install the necessary files. Now I tried with a second 4GB hard disk I had laying around and still same problem.

This time and four hours later I figured that this problem isn't about Virus, BIOS, HDD, or OS, but a hardware failure, by some miraculous accident I took out the Ram that I had in there and stacked couple of 512MB PC2700 laying around, and VOILA it fired, after I installed windows I switch rams and put back the CMX and it started all over again, sometimes system will boot but will be extremely unstable and even sometimes Windows Explorer will go berserk shut and leave me with BSOD. Even Dr Watson leaves the house, then I realize what I had wasn't virus but serious RAM hardware failure.

These are brand new rams (to the best of my knowledge) and I didn't OC or increase voltage on them and they were running at default 3,3,3,8 @1T.

Anyone's idea is now really appreciated, as I'm fresh out of ideas and these are pretty expensive pair of RAMs.

I been to DFI support page about these specific RAMS and also Corsair Support page and RAM GUY forum, not a single answer there that could satisfy me and they didn't mention CMX being unsupported by NF3.


Help guys.


Thanks in advance.

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If you havent already, try your memory in slots 1+3



Edit. my 512 XMS3200C2's will not run at CL3 try setting yours to 2.0 or 2.5

Dont see any were he says he has the same memory as you? And i know his ant BH-5


Barney Fife

tell me everything it says on your memory

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is that 4x512 or 2 1 gig? i cant find ver 5.1 anyware ?


ok is this how they look?

CMX1024 3200pt xms3200 v5.1 0545033-2

= Nanya -5 Rev B


Hi Guys. Again I’m very sorry for not replying sooner, as I was jiggling this PC and family affairs.

I gathered all and every info about the PC and memory status and (I think with my noob mind) that one of the memory-chip is shot beyond repair, but I will have you all have the final thoughts and opinions on this, but I hope I’m wrong on this, otherwise, I’ll have to head on to Corsair and ask for replacement.


Here it goes:


Four months ago I bought 2 individual 1024 Corsair XMS Pro From Tigerdirect.com http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/Se...sp?Sku=C13-5612 and since they didn’t have pairs I bought them individualy, same default timing at on both. I did not OC or change any of the timings.

Couple of nights ago, I was surfing the Net when PC came down crashing (BSOD) and BIOS won’t even post after I manually rebooted.

I did think (At first) that it was some sort of virus, since I didn’t get any prior memory warnings, After I did everything according to my original post, including replacing CPU with my old Claw-Hammer, I had the MB and memory left to be checked.

I replaced the memory chips with pair of 512MB, PC2700 I had for spare and the system fired up. This time I know for sure that I’m having serious memory problem, so I took out the 2700 and replaced them with one of the 3200, this time system boots but not stable, as I will get plenty of Windows Errors, including Windows Explorer unable to boot, along with many other softwares, then PC will crash in BSOD. I tried the second chip and everything boots and no problem.

I tried memory slot 1&3 and its NO-GO, PC won’t even boot.


I flashed BIOS back to 05/04, same problem.


Checked system BIOS settings and this is what it posted:


Dram Frequency: 200 (Dram/ FSB 1/01)

The rest of the settings below that point forward are set to “Auto” on both The Bad and the Good Chip.

DQS Skew Value is “Zero”

The “OS2 Select For Dram > 64MB” The “Non-OS2” option is selected by default.


I booted with MemTest86 and here are the results on both chips on all 10 parts of the test (Both Chips tested separately)




Chip #1 (Bad Chip)


Athlon 64 (0.13) 2200MHz

L1 Ca: 128 18033MB/s

L2 Ca: 1024K 4450MB/s

Mem: 1024M 1457MB/s

Chipset: Nforce3 250 (ECC Disabled)

Settings: RAM: 220MHz (DDR440)/ CAS Single Channel (64Bit)


Walltime = 041:03

Cached = 1024M

RSVD Mem = 1104K

MemMap = e820-STD

Cache = On

ECC = Off

Test = STD

Pass = 1

Errors = 919751

ECC Errors = 0


Chip #2 (Good Chip)

All the post the same, except Error reports, which is 0, Pass 1, ECC Errors 0.


This is what’s written on both chips:

Chip #1(Good Chip):




And on the bottom:

XMS3200 1024MB 400MHz

Parts# 100069304



Chip #2 (Bad Chip):




And on the bottom:

XMS3200 1024MB 400MHz

Parts# 100053403




This is the CPU-Z PIC of the good chip (Note: Bad chip won’t even let me go through Windows Booting process to take CPU-Z Pics off of it, System won’t stay stable enough for me to do so)












I think that’s all. It took me a whole day to draft this, let me know if I have left out something.


Your help is well appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

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What is RMA? What could cost RMA to go bad? (I'm Worried about my second chip now) And is this reversible?


Ha..thats funny, he means, its time to take it back and get a new one, it should be covered and since you did no ocing you should be fine to get a new stick.

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