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Odd Glitch

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I've asked about this before, but its been a while, so I figure I might ask again.


Here's what happens every once in a while. It's rare, but it happens, and I can't seem to find what triggers it:


First, my rig goes into a hard freeze. Can't move the mouse, can't do anything. Only thing I can do is press the reset button. It reboots, and speedfan gives me a little message that says "bla bla bla sensors detected". This doesn't happen on regular boot. Then speedfan shows every temp as -99. I try rebooting to fix it, and it doesn't work. I then try to shut down. Windows shuts down, but the computer does not. Therefore, I have to switch the PSU off, and back on. I then boot it up again, get the temperature sensor bubble, and it's fine.


I thought it might've been my PSU, but I bought a new one, and it has happened even with the new one.


I figure it's the mobo due to the temperature sensor problem.


I'm using OCZTony's 704-2bta BIOS. I'd try a different one, but I wouldn't know if it fixed it or not, because this happens every few weeks at the most.

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Are you overclocking? If you are list some settings.


Hey, I am from Long Island, Lived in Medfford for 10 years, now I live in Holbrook.

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also try using a diff temp moniter prog like mbm or guardian


The problem obviously isn't speedfan. You'll notice that I said that my computer would not power off after the glitch.





2754 MHz

FSB: 306

Multi: 9.0

VCore: 1.62(or something close to that. CPU-Z doesn't show what I have in BIOS)



275MHz, 3-4-4-8, 9/10 divider.

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