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Core Voltage issue

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I am just in the middle of determining my max CPU speed and am stepping up my core voltage slowly as outlined in the clocking guide.


Can anyone tell me why the core voltage i set in the bios is not the voltage showing in CPUZ. For example if i set it to 1.425 in the bios it is only showing up as 1.392 fluctuating to 1.376.


I thought this was just normal but looking at other peoples screenshots in the 165 overclocking database there CPUZ voltage is what they say they have set there voltage to.



What am i doing wrong?

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How come with the BIOS set to ex. 1.35v, it still reads 1.32 in BIOS? (And 1.31 in CPU-Z)


with mine set @ 1.400v + 110%= 1.540v...


1.52v in bios

1.50v in MBM5

1.504v in CPUZ


with Digi MM, it is actually 1.556v


none of them are remotely close

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your a bit under the reccomended 480w psu could be with the ocing its getting a bit flacky you having any stability issues


480w = "official recommendation". imho, 480w = baloney. I am nowhere near 420w right now.


as for stability, you tell me...







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then you question was?????????


whose question?!? I had no question!


trying to explain that software (including bios) voltage monitoring is completely bogus and wildly innaccurate.


my DigiMM is correct...the other stuff is wrong...

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