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Nvidea Forceware Network Access Manager. Is it working?

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I recently built my first rig (see below) and instead of using my old McAfee firewall I thought I'd take advantage of the hardware Nvidea firewall on the Expert mobo. Trouble is the firewall program will warn me if a program is trying to access the internet but the program doesn't seem to be monitoring internet traffic. If I look at the statistics everything like packets allowed/blocked/TCP/UPD segment etc all say "0" as if it wasn't monitoring network traffic.


I'm using the Marvell Yukon LAN port (seems to be recommended on these boards) do I have to tell the Network Access Manager which LAN connection I'm using and if so HOW?




Berg Katse



LAN Party Expert Mobo (11/02 BIOS as shipped)

Athlon 64 X2 4400+ (no HOTFIX)

2x1GB Geil dual PC3200

2xXFX GeForce 7800GT SLI

2x74GB Raptor RAID 0

Gigabyte Auroua Chassis

XION 600W SLI ready PSU.

MADDOG 16XDVD-RAM internal/external

ATA 80GB/200GB storage

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