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Faulty 6800GT AGP help?


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Hi Guys


Got a problem with my trusted 6800GT. It has been working fine for the past 18mths in my system but last week after a week's holidays i rebooted the pc as normal and the screen started showing artifacts then eventually made the screen unwatchable. I rebooted, then same thing.


Pulled it out of the rig as I thought it was a faulty fan, pulled it apart, put a make shift 80mm fan on the heatsink. Same thing happened. Pulled it completely apart, looked for faulty circuitry, signs of busted capacitors etc..but nothing is really showing.


Tried it on my test bench rig and it does the same.


I would be 90% sure the GPU or Ramdacs have given up, but if anyone has had dealing with that type of prob before, please let me know, it would be appreciated.


oh and did use coolbits in the past to overclock it..slightly.. not hugely.. using auto detect frequencies and then sliding back a notch.




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