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Motherboard fails to even get into BIOS

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I tried to update my bios for my motherboard DFI NF4-D. Site below




After I flashed it I rebooted and my computer failed to boot up. I also had 4 RED LED which means something is wrong. I've tried changing the jumpers around taking out the battery and rebooting CMOS. Please help me.

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Ok first do a correct bios clear,


1. Turn of the machine


2. change the jumper to clear, the one next to the battery


3. remove the power cable


4. press and hold the power button


5. wait 20 mins or so


6. remember to set it all back in place


You can get more extreme bios clears by searching but that should do it.


If it still fails when you do that, start for the beginning. Put only the cpu and rap in remove every thing else.

If that doesn’t work, you need to get some more standard ram like a 512 stick of ddr400 and put a single stick of it in the default slot.


If this still doesn’t work, sit and think do some more searching there may be something you may have overlooked.


Worst case scenario is that you have retarded the bios write and you going to need a new bios chip they are like $15 a pop.

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Bloodwolf -- you can get a new BIOS chip from biosmedic.com. That site is run by T-mod, the fellow here who provides some of the BIOS revisions that you can burn to a CD. There are also instructions there on how to hotflash your BIOS chip if you have access to another machine at your house or a friend's. (There are also instructions on how to do that here somewhere, probably in the BIOS Factory forum.) You can also send your chip in for reprogramming -- that's like $7. There are also other places on the web where you can find new BIOS chips. In some cases, DFI will reprogram your chip for free or send you a new one if you explain to them your problem. From what I have heard, though, that takes a bit longer.

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