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Please help, rig wont boot, stuck at 4 LED's

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I shut down my PC to re-organize the wire mess I had in there. I plugged everything back in including all the MOBO power plugs and now when I press the button all my fans spin but I am stuck with 4 red LED's. The blue power button light doesnt light up either. I tried clearing CMOS with no luck. My rig is using the latest ultra-d bios from dfi.com. I also tried moving the ram around to other slots, no luck.


Ultra-D nF4

Opteron 144

2x1GB G.Skill Extreme pc4000


Any help would be great.

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Try taking the motherboard out of the case and firing it up. Maybe you made some metal to metal contact with teh case when you were moving stuff around.



That fixed it, thanks bud!

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