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Which DFI mobos are Ageia Physx Compliant?

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I guess they are. As long as I know, Ageia PhysX only requires a PCI-E slot.

If I were you, I'll wait too buy one, 'cause today they aren't many many games compliant with it.



True that but this wont be costing me a dime to get. I build rigs for a hobby and already got a couple clients wanting this product. I have to test them to make sure they are not DOA ;) .

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no one needs one rite now anyways so i wouldnt take a second glance at it


least until they put out games that actually use it


at this rate we're gonna have technology that we dont need.. dual core? we're still on single threaded apps for lots of stuff


quad core procs? psshhh lol


when those come out, ill get my first dual core.

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