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Win XP Install

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I have just bought the K8M800-MLVF MOBO and a Sempron 3000 processor. I have tried everything I can think of to install windows but with no luck.


I have tried with a bare bones system. 1 mem stick, mobo, CPU, onboard graphics, 60GB HDD, Pioneer 107.


It goes through the formatting, copying of files then reboots. Gets to the Windows loader screen with the little blue bar then all of a sudden BLUE SCREEN OF DOOM. C0000221 Unknown hard error in win............. NTDLL.DLL.


I have tried all combinations of my hardware with no joy. Any ideas people before i end up smashing my head against the monitor in frustration.


PS. I´m not a big techie so if i´m doing something daft be kind :rolleyes:

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