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Issues with new build

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OK, so I may not be in the bleeding edge of the technology spectrum but I started my upgrade last week. NEW items purchased:


-Athlon 64 3000+ Venice

-DFI LanpartyUT NF4 Ultra-D

-ASUS N EN6600/TD/128M/Silencer PCIe16x

-Compusa Power Supply with Smart Cable Management, 520W


OK, I have everything installed and no video. I tried the CMOS reset for 30min following the proper instructions I found in searching this forum. I get 3 lights in the bottom left corner of the board. I have all four power connectors connected. The video card does not need power so there is no connection issue there. The only thing I can think of other than the vid card being bad is possible memory issues. I am using PMI3700-512DP 2x256 chips. I have tried to boot with just one in the DIMM2 spot and still no video. I don't know what to do. I have tried to troubleshoot as best as I could but still no video. I have no other cards here to use (old card was AGP) so I may be forced to buy a cheap one to test to see if this is the issue.


My question is, are there known issues with PMI memory? What else can I do?

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Reading Diagnostic LED’s


4 leds: cpu not detected

3 leds: cpu detected, ram not detected

2 leds: cpu detected, ram detected, vid card not detected

1 led: cpu detected, ram detected, vid card detected, booting


Seems like you've got a memory issue. Can you post a link to your RAM?


Try clearing CMOS. Here is a link to the official DFI Long CMOS Clear Then put 1 stick in orange slot farthest from CPU, and try to boot


I also wouldn't trust that PSU, though at this point, I don't think its the problem.

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