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New Build, looks a bit more complicated than last.

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Hello all,

Just got all my parts the past couple of days and this seems like it's going to be a bit more intense than my last build.


My last rig.


A8N-SLI Deluxe Bios 1016

Opty 148 CACJE

GigaByte 6800GT

Asus Xtreme 6800GT

Corsair TWINX2048-3200C2 XMS3200

DiamondMax 10 SATA/150

Turbo-Cool 510 Express SLI

Big Typhoon CPU HS

Self mod Lian-Li case















3DMark05= 11000





Here's all the new stuff I got.


Okay, got 2 of these for raid, never tried that before.



Got a DFI this time, got tired of Asus's support and BS.



Got 2 of these, best I can do as the 7800's were out of reach for now and these look like they will run cool.






This HS.



DVD player.



And a burner.



Case that I really like.









Needed another copy of WinXp so went with the pro version with SP2 included.

Not a bad deal price wise.



And some other odds and ends from FrozenCPU.


I'm sure I'm going to need some help since this DFI board is a bit different from my Asus.


Gunna take pics as I go along.


Oh and my CPU stepping is LDBFE 0609SPFW

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Nice rig, in fact, super.

Read up on 'Clear CMOS' in all forms.

DL tmod's CD for bios at the Bios Factory thread.

Check the Initial installation Thread.

Assemble and test outside the chassis first. Check all jumpers closely.

Try to build so that you do not have to use fan headers on the M/B.

Check SSDB and OCDB for ram settings on 2 gig sets of Corsair. They have exhibited minor problems in that respect.

Welcome to the Street.

Good luck and enjoy. These are most interesting Boards. Habit forming or Hate forming.

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I think your cpu will do very very good. There is a thread on those steppings I have been following for the last couple of weeks and the L***** 06** seem to OC really well. Some hit 2.8 on stock vcore. Keep us posted will ya!

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Ahh ok thanks tasr. :)


And will do Voltes-5.

Still just modding the case a bit for better air flow and appearance so that won't be for a while yet.


My wife took the digital camera for the day, but will post some pics from before and as I go along.

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The case.



USB ports in bottom front are not needed and gets rid of a wire bundle.



Extra hard drive tray not needed and blocks air flow.



Damn Rivets are a classy lady, but after two broken drill bits, it's out.



Got rid of the built in fan guards and will use less restrictive wire ones.



Two were in here.



And the other two on the case itself.



That's it for the case modding unless something else pops up.

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the speaker on the motherboard is just for diagnostic purposes... it beeps once when you boot and if anything is missing or faulty there are beep series that you can look up to see what's wrong.


DEFINITELY have this turned on, at least until the system is running ok. It can point out something you might be overlooking if you come across a problem.

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Yeah that's what the speaker in the case does, it has a wire lead that you connect to the motherboard and it beeps when you boot up or sounds out error beeps if you have a problem.


I guess it's the same than.


My Asus board didn't have one so I had to use the one in the case.

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I would not use the case speaker no matter what. They always sound like crap and are fugly to boot. I like your mind set on setting your case up for good airflow before building the computer. Excellent job!

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