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best bios for dual core

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hi guys i'm a brand new member :rolleyes:



I replaced my old venice 3200+ with a X2 3800+ ldbhe 0601xpmw but i have some problems with blue screen :mad: even if i installed amd drivers , got winxp with sp2 and bios 623-3 patched for x2.


In the blue screen there is a similar phrase : "The OS it is arrested in order to prevent damages to the hardware "


I try to overvolt a little bit ldt bus in order to increase stability.


I think it is a bios problems , so what is the best bios in oc for x2 ?


i noticed that in msconfig i don't have boot.ini it is disappeared after amd drivers installation :confused:


Please answer me

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ok you have the last one NF4LD06.bin ins't it? :rolleyes:


yesterday night i flash bios with the last one and i found new voices in bios settings like as "odd divisor" :confused:


what is it ?


i can enabled it ?


what are the most important bios setting for dual core?


i would like also to know if this last bios is good for tccd memory .




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