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AMD Opteron 165 s939 CCBWE 0607UPGW retail


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That is a picture of the processor in question. I've owned this processor for about a month, I've installed it into the rig in my signature and it works rock solidly. The reason for my getting rid of it is because its not a very good overlocker at all. I fear i will have to put alot of voltage through it to get it stable at 2.6ghz and to me thats just not enough of an OC.


When I test for stablility... I run SP04 (modded prime95) on both cores (blend on cpu 0 and small fft's on cpu 1) for over 8 hours and complete a Super PI 32M calculation. Temperatures are no issues, but ill list load and idle for each clockspeed I've tested.


1.8ghz stock volts stable 28C idle 36C ish load


2.2ghz stock volts stable 30C idle and 38C ish Load


2.430mhz @ 1.375V stable 31-32C idle and 39-40C load


2.560mhz @ 1.475V havent tested yet, dont know stabliity but I get into windows




This is part of the reason im selling this opteron... the fact I had to add .1V just to get an extra 130mhz doesnt make it very optimistic to get much farther then that with this CPU. I wont put above 1.5V through it (and I havent yet either)... 1.475 is the most voltage this cpu has ever seen and 1.5 is the most it will ever see while its in my possesion.


I can't guarentee this overclock, but with my hardware you should have zero issues getting 2.43ghz stable.


Asking price is best offer, but I set a reserve at 300$.. I just cant let it go for less then that. I think its fair anyways because you get the heatpipe cooler with it, and a cpu that has ran stable at nearly a 700mhz OC. It still has a little room left in it, but dont expect much over 2.6-2.65ghz out of it. I however am on the hunt for a stepping capable of 3.0ghz and refuse to pay 400$ for it on ebay (thats what CCBBE 0610's are going for).


You cover the cost of shipping, potential intersted buyers just submit your address to me via PM or email and Ill collect shipping cost information and we can just include that in the price before you mail your payment.


I offer no gaurentee or warrenty on this CPU, no returns or refunds and no tech support. Sold AS IS.


I have removed the cruddy stock TIM pad and have applied MX-1 TIM to it (better then AS5!!!). I can clean it off if you'd like, but either way your going to need TIM of some kind.



Payment can only be accpeted in the following manners.


1) Personal Check - If you plan to pay with a personal check then be aware I cannot ship the item until the check clears. Thats just how it has to be


2) Money Order - Upon cashing the money order I will mail your item out


3) Cashiers Check - See money order




Paypal is not an acceptable form of payment for any reason, dont bother asking.


Not responsible for lost or stolen mail....

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