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Ultimate drivers for my system?

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I'm new to the OC'ing and never had a DFI-board earlier.


My system is in sign.


What drivers do u think would be best for my system, I've had some problem with the latest BIOS I found on DFI's homepage... :confused:

Could add that I'm using Win XP Pro SP 2


BIOS driver, chipset driver, GPU driver and so on...


Thank you all !

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Download WinFlash and the latest BIOS (04/06/2006) from DFI's website. Not sure why you're having some problems with this version, but it works perfectly fine. When you flash them make sure when you reboot to go into the BIOS and "Load Optimized Defaults" then go back in and change everything to your liking.




Then you need to go to Nvidia's Website and download the nForce4 drivers.




Then go to ATI's website and download the latest Catalyst drivers.




There are no "special drivers" that'll make everything better or some sort of package that magically has everything you need, just download the drivers from the manufacturers website and thats its. For BIOS go to DFI, because DFI makes the motherboard. Go to Nvidia for your chipset because Nvidia makes the chipset. Go to ATI for your video card because ATI makes the video card. You're making yourself think its complicated, but its not.

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When I flashed, my computer did not start again, I had to clear CMOS, and when I did that, the Lanparty logo bug was fixed, why?

Another thing is that I found a BIOS made by "OCZ tony" on this forum, that's why I got confused.


Thank you for answering, but you have to see things from different perspectives.


I believe there's a lot of alternate drivers for an ATI Video card.

And that's why I thought I'd ask you because you know what works best with a DFI-board.


Sorry for being a noob, guess that's not accepted.

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Im using the NF4LD329 and it works great.But as far as bios and drivers go thier is no ultimate one .Everysystem reacts differnt.We could have the same system .You know cpu /ram/mobo/psu/videocard and just because i can OC to 2.7ghz with a certain bios and or drivers doesnt mean you will be able to also.The best combo's of drivers and bios comes from trail and error.Ive been lucky with my setup my default bios worked great from the door .(623-1) .Luckily the the one im using now works just a tad bit better and im happy with it .But for drivers i just use the latest drivers off the nvidia website.So best advice for you is to look around and see what works for other people then try it yourself.I remember when i had my abit AI7 and a Evga 6800nu and i found the 67.02 drivers my 3dmark03 score went from 10500 to 12000 with the same setting's and OCing on the card and cpu.So its just trail and error

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There are alternate drivers for ATI, but ever since ATI started using the Catalyst Control Center I have found that just the official ATI drivers work best. I know that there are others, the only one I've used in the past was the Omega drivers, which were OK. I didn't notice any benefit in game and no increase in 3dMark.


For new ATI drivers I would stick with ATI's drivers and not use alternative ones.


As for your BIOS question, since you were upgrading from the 6/23/05 BIOS straight to the 04/06/06 BIOS there may have been conflicts with the old settings that the new BIOS didn't like.


For BIOS recommendations, the ones that worked for me with no problems are the Official DFI 04/06/06 BIOS and the Big Tommy 07/04/05 BIOS. You can get the Big Tommy BIOS HERE The Official DFI 06/23/05 BIOS that came with your motherboard don't work well (and doesn't overclock well) and I had some problems upgrading from that version initially. Once I switched to the Big Tommy BIOS everything worked better and I was able to overclock a lot more.


For chipset drivers, I don't think there are any alternatives to Nvidia's.


Sorry if I sounded hostile, but there really is no ultimate end all combinations. The BIOS I recommended worked for me, while others didn't. The ones that didn't work for me worked for others. Its a long and tedious process to find what works best for your hardware. The main thing that effects what works best is memory. A lot of these alternative BIOS have special memory timing tables that work great with certain types and speeds of memory. The Official DFI BIOS are more well rounded.

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