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got a sound problem...

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hi guys, first post here...never needed help before, but I'm at a loss! I've had my Infinity for almost 2 years now and the sound was working before I swapped it over to my parent's machine (I'm upgrading them). I had it with XP Pro with a 200GB WD HDD and a LG CDRW and moved it over to a 80GB Seagate HDD and BenQ 1640 (as stated in my sig.) with XP Home. now my sound won't work. I'm boggled...I can't figure it out. anyhow, the problem goes like this, it's installed, device manager says it's working, nVMixer shows sound activity when something is being played, but nothing is coming out of any of the audio ports (and I've tried them all). here's a thread I made on the forum I frequent, my name is the same as here, 'Mr. Friendly.




nothing I've done has gotten any sound out. nothing is on mute, all volume is set to max, I have used two different sets of earphones (which work on my Intel, sorry guys, it's running an Abit, I got the board and a 3ghz P4C for $100, so I can't complain) that I know are in working order.


to make things more confusing, as that thread I linked you to at NCIX.com states, I installed a cheap arse SB 16 PCI card and sound works (XP Home auto detected and installed).


if any of you guys have any ideas, please let me know!


and yes, if you read the thread, onboard audio is turned on in the BIOS (currently turned off due to the SB 16 PCI being plugged in).




Cam (call me Friendly, call me Cam, just don't call me late for dinner!)

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hey kitfit, I don't think so, as I reported, the sound plays, nVMixer shows sound activity going on, just nothing is coming out of my audio connections.


I know there's power to them because when I swap the jack around, I get the clicks and spits showing that there's something there.


course, I am dumb when it comes to IRQ...and haven't the foggiest on how to check.


if there was an IRQ error tho, wouldn't it report a problem in device manager? if so, there is no problem being reported. :confused:

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king of nothing...I LOVE YOU!!! It worked!!! thank you very much! all the previous cases this beastie had been in all did have front audio, the 1650B doesn't have front audio connections. oh you saved me. mucho grassy butt! :D my appreciation knows no bounds, unless of course you play BF2 and happen to be on the wrong side of the server I'm on, then you're fresh meat! btw, if you do play BF2, I'd be happy to see you on Esienen Soldaten (Iron Soldier) at on the standard port. TheMr.Friendly is who I am...


but again, really, thank you! I was rather frustrated with this problem...and I have to honestly say, I've never heard of that particlular setup when you have no front audio support. now it's fixed... :D

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