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Boot problems/sometimes can get bios, but no boot

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I just finished a new build for a friend... but I am having some problems. First, sometimes the motherboard will stop at 2 lights... which I assume means a problem with the ram? Sometimes it will get all the way through this, and I can enter the bios. However, after the bios screen comes up and when it would normally start loading windows... it just shows a blinking cursor in the upper left hand corner, and that's it. This is all I have been able to get it to do.


Here's the specs on the system:


XG Dragon case

AMD San Diego 4000+ w/stock cooling

2x512 MB Corsair Value Select ram


NF-4 Ultra D (of course)

WD Raptor 74.8 GB

Generic DVD drive

Generic CD-R drive

1.44" Floppy drive


I'm gonna try fiddling with the ram, but I thought in the mean time if anyone had any suggestions...


Thanks for any help.

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Here is the way to read the Diagnostic LEDs.


4 LEDs on = Power applied, checking CPU

3 LEDs on = CPU has been detected OK, checking RAM

2 LEDs on = RAM has been detected OK, checking VGA

1 LED on = VGA has been detected OK, entering BIOS

0 LEDs on = System has booted to the Operating System.


As long as you are in the BIOS including running memtest from the BIOS option, there will be one LED on.


Example: If you are getting 3 LEDs on, it means the rig is having trouble detecting the RAM.


The lower(PCI) Amber LED is the 5VSB indicator. The upper Amber LED is the RAM voltage indicator. Once the rig has started and been shut down the RAM LED will go out until the PSU is power cycled.


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Thanks guys. Well I don't know what was going on, but I got it to work by switching the RAM into the orange slots. As far as the power supply, it's included in the XG Dragon case so I'm not sure what it is... but it doesn't matter now. Thanks again!

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