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Time for a new case....


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I've finally got the cash for a water cooling system and a new case. I've been looking at the Antec P180, ThemalTake Armour, various Lian-Li's (not midi's) and the Coolermaster Stacker (mk1) but I am open to suggestions. Looking at around £100 or thereabouts, especially if there is anywhere that currently has a decent price on any of the above.


My shopping list of watercooling kit looks something like this:


CPU Block

AquaXtreme MP-05 PRO Limited Edition CPU Water Block (delrin) @ £38.99


GPU Block

Aqua Extreme MP-01



Thermochill PA 120.2 Radiator @ £51


Radiator Fans

x2 Yate Loon D12SL-12 @ £4.49 each approx



AquaXtreme 50Z-DC12-T Inline Pump 1/2"NPT inlet and outlet (Blue) @ £54.99



1/2" ID Tygon Tubing @ £2.60 per foot


I'd like something roomy as I plan on adding another Raptor to run in Raid 0 and probably a large 400GB HD around the time I get a new PSU. I'd also like something that is going to be relatively quiet.


Also, I'm unsure as to where the radiator is going to go so if there any are cases particuarly well suited to that radiator then any advice would be greatly appreciated :D

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Guest Retratserif

I went with asetek waterchill. There is a store in Canada that has it is stock very cheap.



Thermaltake armor series is huge, and should have alot of good room.



I have a P180 and it is not good at all for water. You will have to cut out parts of yoru case to make room, or get two seperate smaller radiators. You want and need open room for water, not design. I mean really who care about air flow when everything is water cooled. Some air movement is needed to keep heat build up but nothing over 2 fans. Normaly 2-4 fans come with a case anyhow. Looking back I should have went with the biggest case for the price range I was looking at. P180 is nice and wide, but not a water case at all. I more than likely will get another case and swap out parts from current rig into the p180 since the case is from the early 90's. Its modded to the max, sounds like a small jet and you can loose fingertips if you are not carefull.

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Hi appolo,

glad 2 see your in the market again :)

There ain't much stock of the old style stacker around only place i've seen recently was E-buyer


you'll have seen these outlets 4 water coolimg i guess


Coolercases UK

seen them on my musings but have not used either.


think the Antec P180 is 2 smal Retratserif's views are pretty damning l, u know my opinion on the stacker :) , if not that then the kandalf or the armor (very similar except 4 the doors)

Thermaltake Armor

Armor Black Tower 10x5.25" 8x3.5" £84.59 ain't a bad price might be interested in that myself if cash was at hand. :rolleyes:


luck :)

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