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Need Help, Can't get Windows to install

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I replaced my SLI-DR with an Expert last night that I bought it from Newegg.


No other changes in hardware.


After formatting the drives I get failures while the files are copying to disk.

I tried several CD's and the original XP CD with the same results.


I have the WD plugged into SATA 1/2 and the Seagate drive is unplugged.


I have the memory in 1/3


Also there is one FAN3 Connector that has 4 pins on it. It looks like a floppy Power Connector but I didn't see it mentioned in the Manual.


Any suggestions? Did I miss something?


I forgot to add I removed 1 of the video cards and the X-Fi with no success.

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Yes stock settings.


Memory was Memtested on the DR, but I have not on the Expert. It was good to 250 on the DR at stock setting


I'll plug in the Floppy Power connector by the PCEe slot.


I'll pull the memory from DIMM 3


The Plextor is set to master and connected to IDE1


During the copy the will prompt with I can't read this *.dll Skip or Retry.

If you skip and will do another set of files then fail on a different file.


I can keep hitting skip but something is wrong.

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OK moving the Memory from the Yellow to the Orange slots fixed the problem.


The OS is now installed and the Nvida FW 84.21 Drivers are installed along with Nforce 6.70's


NOW I can't turn on SLI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It states I must remove and graphics cards that are not compatible with Nvidia scalable link interface. What is going on with this motherboard.

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